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Main Character

Are you an experienced voice-over artist ready to superpower your best voices, or are you a new voice-over talent that has a ton to learn? This Program is for you. You will gain the tools to PowerUp your voice.

Main Character includes:

  • How to Create 101 Animated Character Voices
  • 20 Foundational Animal Efforts
  • Script Analysis
  • Character Creation Toolkit
  • Table Read Scripts
  • Bonus: Source Connect MasterClass

How to Create 101 Animated Character Voices

Gain depth in your characters! Give 3 Takes for every audition! Gain confidence in creating new voices for characters! Learn how to create over 1 Billion voices with 101+ Vocal Efforts.

What you will learn:

  • 101 Animated Character Vocal Efforts

  • The Ability to Create over 1 Billion Unique Character Voices

  • How to Mix and Match Vocal Efforts

  • How to Use Movement and Acting within Voice-Overs

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Set on a Hill is a media production company for the kids and family industry. We specialize in multilingual Animation, TV & Film Production and Music Production.


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