The Mission

Empowering People of All Heights to Love Who they are!

This is a story of a Tall Woman and a Short Man. Will they overcome relational stereotypes and be able to be together.

  • The stereotype that a man has to be taller than the woman he dates.
  • The stereotypes within ethnicity.

Using comedy to bring up these topics and to open the conversation and to empower people of all heights to love who they are!

The mission is to empower short men to love who they are and to love their height. It is their chance to accept themselves and see their worth in a world that has put them and their careers in a box.

The mission is to empower tall women to know that they are not alone in all of the questions and comments on their height, on their dating life, and on their careers. The goal is to encourage young women to stop slouching and to love their height, without worrying about how tall their friends or significant other is.

About the Creator

About the Creator


Phonetically: A - Kite🪁- Tay

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Ekaette is the Founder of Set on a Hill and creator of Tall Whiplash the Film and Streaming Series. She is a Filmmaker, Educator who Founded the Superpower Academy, Character Vocal Coach, and Music Producer.

She has hosted career events and career panels citywide to support individuals within their careers for the last 10 years.

She is an award winning filmmaker who has has written and produced 4 Television series, 3 Animated Films, and 5 Live Action Films. She has won two film festival awards. As a director for film and TV shows she has coached kids, teens, and adults to showcase their best characters that connect with audiences.

She is the author and illustrator of 5 children’s books, where 3 were made into televisions shows and cartoons.

Ekaette is a voice-over artist and voice-over acting coach. She does voice-overs in over 30 different languages, plays tons of characters, and has created a training where she teaches voice-over actors how to voice over 101 Animated Character voices.

Ekaette also gives back to the community. She has created career panel, career fairs and donated her time to speak to the community and University student about the job search process and the business side of acting.  She holds a BA from Rice University and a MBA in International Business from the University of Houston Victoria.

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